Catalyst is “the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) farm team”. Catalyst provides support and guidance for entrepreneurs as they build their businesses to $1M+ revenue.
Catalyst, like EO, encourages balanced success in business, personal and family life.
Catalyst businesses are diverse. There is no shortage of fresh innovation and perspective. But one thing we all have in common is an entrepreneurial spirit.

What to expect?

Catalyst members are growth-oriented business builders. Some of the key membership components are outlined below.

Criteria to join:

Owner or founder

Revenue over $350,000

Growth oriented

Personal fit

Power through sharing

The Forum is much more powerful than a typical networking group; this is a strong peer group of entrepreneurs just like you who do openly share in a safe environment. The intent is to ferret out and focus on the “5%” issues i.e. the extreme highs and extreme lows that only another entrepreneur would truly understand, appreciate, empathize and be able to help with.

Join Catalyst and take your business to the next level.

Please download the PDF so you can save your answers and then email your application to the Catalyst moderator for initial review.

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